Bulgarian National Day Celebration in Ankara

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria celebrated its national day 3 March with a reception in Ankara hosted by H.E. Ambassador Nadezhda Neynsky and her husband Svetlin Neynsky. The reception was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps, ministries, military and social elite of the Republic of Turkey, as well as a large number of members of the Bulgarian community - intellectuals, musicians, singers and others. The anthem of Bulgaria was performed by the singers Iva Ionova and Ivayla Hinkova-Bobcheva. H.E. Ambassador Nadezhda Neynsky delivered a speech as follows: Dear ladies and gentlemen, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends of Bulgaria, Welcome to the National Day of Bulgaria. On this day, we Bulgarians celebrate freedom. As in the famous picture of Delacroix "Liberty Leading the People," winning of freedom always goes through wars and battles, always has a high human cost. Winning our freedom is sealed in the minds of generations of Bulgarians who on this day celebrate their heroes. Today, however, it is not the time for trenches. Today is the time for bridges, for searching and finding solutions, including for the most difficult issues. I want to assure you that Bulgaria is open to friendship and cooperation with the Republic of Turkey, which is not only our neighbourbut it is also our strategic NATO ally and a potential partner in the EU. Each country has its national interests and pursues its strategic objectives, but good neighbourly relations and partnership suggest frank dialogue and mutual respect. I believe in the bright future of the Bulgarian-Turkish relations.