A staff member assigned to a Diplomatic Mission, Consular Mission or to the Representation of an International Organization should obtain the initial diplomatic or service entry visa (if required) before entering Turkey from the Turkish Diplomatic Mission in her/his place of residence.

With the assumption of office in Turkey, the Ministry will issue a multiple entry visa along with the ID card upon application of the mission.

Firearms, Hunting Weapons and Ammunition


Diplomatic/consular members and administrative- technical staff missions must obtain the permission of the Ministry in advance to import or locally purchase firearms, hunting weapons and ammunition. Diplomatic and consular missions may import or locally purchase firearms for official use with the permission of the Ministry. If the Mission members use the registered mission weapons, they cannot acquire extra personal firearms. Similarly if the mission members import personal firearms they cannot acquire licenses for carrying firearms registered in the inventory of the mission. Reciprocity is essential for all permits related to firearms.

Firearms imported by the members of diplomatic/consular missions must be exported upon the termination of their term of duty.

The Regulation on Firearms, Knives and Other Instruments published in the Official Gazette No: 20888 of June 01, 1991 stipulate the conditions for acquisition and importation of firearms, knives and other instruments as well as granting licenses and other related subjects.

It is clearly stated by the said Regulation that a Certificate for Temporary Entry and Origin of Firearms and Ammunition (Geçici Silah ve Mermi için Giriş ve Menşei Belgesi) should be obtained prior to the importation to Turkey.

To this end, the Diplomatic Mission should apply to the PDGY by a Verbal Note containing the necessary information (name, rank and title of the staff member, passport number and date, name of the mission, the brand, model, caliber and serial number of the firearm as well as the quantity of ammunition).

The above-mentioned certificate is prepared by the Ministry of the Interior upon application through the Ministry with a copy to be sent directly to the relevant Police Department that will issue the license (silah ruhsatı). In case of a shotgun for hunting, the “shotgun license” (Yivsiz Tüfek Ruhsatnamesi) will be issued. Missions should submit a copy of the certificate to the relevant customs authority for customs clearance purposes.

In case a firearm is brought to Turkey before obtaining the importation certificate, a declaration should be made to the customs authorities and the firearm should be surrendered to their custody until formalities are completed.

Firearm licenses are issued by the Police Department with 5 years validity.

Expired firearms licenses, as well as licenses issued for personnel departing from Turkey, should be returned to the PDGY.

Hunting Guns

Staff members of the diplomatic missions are allowed to import and purchase shotguns only for hunting purposes on the basis of reciprocity and after the approval of the Ministry.

Diplomatic missions should request by a Verbal Note the assistance of the Ministry in obtaining relevant licenses, which will be issued according to ID card categories, to enable their staff members to purchase shotguns for hunting in Turkey.

After the approval of the Ministry of Interior, one copy of the approval letter is sent to the relevant Police Department that will issue the hunting shotgun license (Yivsiz Tüfek Ruhsatnamesi). Missions should submit a copy of the certificate to the relevant customs authority for customs clearance purposes.

Permission to diplomatic agents and staff members of consular posts (holders of 1st category ID cards) for purchasing shotguns can only be issued on the basis of a "Certificate of Ownership for Shotguns"(Yivsiz Tüfek Sahipliği Belgesi) or "Foreign Hunting Certificate"(Yabancı Avcılık Belgesi).

Presentation of these documents to the authorized vendors is essential for purchasing shotguns.

The above-mentioned certificate and license are prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry upon application by the missions through the Ministry. Importation procedures of shotguns are the same as firearms.

Allocation of Reserved Parking Space

Request for reserved on-street parking space in front of a chancery, chancery annex or residences should be made by in writing to the Ministry. Reciprocity and propriety are the main criteria for meeting such requests.

If approved, reserved parking signs will be installed accordingly.

Gasoline and Fuel-Oil Purchases

For Motor Vehicles

Tax-free purchase of gasoline and fuel oil by the diplomatic/consular missions and their diplomatic/consular staff are permitted through a franchise document (takrir). The Ministry issues a “takrir” covering the annual quota of the mission determined on the basis of reciprocity. Missions should sign a contract with a distribution company (Petrol Ofisi, OPET, BP etc) which will equip the vehicle with an electronic chip called “vehicle identification system”. Upper limit of annual gasoline quota is 6000 lt. for official cars and 3600 lt. for personal cars.

The exemption includes VAT and Special Consumption Tax (SCT).

Same procedure is applied for the official cars of the international organizations.

Heating and Generator Fuel

Tax exemption for fuel oil, diesel or natural gas to be used for heating and generators of the chanceries and private houses of mission members is effected with a “takrir” (Form A-4 and A-3) issued on the basis of the reciprocity. The type of the natural gas counter (electronic card system or mechanical) should be indicated on the “takrir” with all other necessary information.

Security Measure

The Turkish government is committed to fulfilling its obligations under international law to ensure safety and security of diplomatic and consular missions, their personnel and family members. The Missions' questions and requests on security should be addressed to the Ministry.

The missions should keep the Ministry updated regarding the contact information of their members responsible for security issues so that they can be reached without any delay in urgent situations.

Private Security Services

On the basis of the reciprocity, the foreign missions can hire security services from private companies in Turkey.

If such security services will be rendered outside of the mission premises, prior permission must be obtained through the Ministry.

If these services will be rendered exclusively within premises of the mission, no permission is required. However, the Ministry should be informed in advance.

Information on private security services can be found in the Ministry’s Circular Note No: 355251, dated August 20, 2007.